Steripower develops luggage disinfection solution

UV technology 

Using UV technology, bacteria such as streptococcus aureus, e-coli and lactobacillales are destroyed; increased UV exposure eliminates reno and coronaviruses.  


A light barrier at the inlet of a roller conveyor belt detects objects that it is required to disinfect. 

1.33Kw UV-C burners rotate around each object to ensure total irradiation, with mirrors focussing light on the surface of luggage to achieve higher energy densities. 

The prototype can initially be set in five performance levels; the UV burners have a lifespan of 9000h. 

Air purification

When UV-C light is released in the 250nm range, nitrogen oxides (NOx) generates harmful ozone (O3), however this gas is removed from the disinfection chamber by two fans and converted back into O2 in a catalyst filter. 

Doubling as an air purifier, the filter has a service life of around 1000 hours, dependent on the level of NOx pollution in the air. 

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