Maximum HG-3200 Hydroxyl Generator Disinfecting Machine


Hydroxyl Generators Keep Occupied Spaces SAFE. No Ozone.

Great for schools, restaurants, gyms, offices and homes.



Designed for Use In Occupied Settings! (To powerful for home or office use) The Commercial Maximum HG-3200 High Volume Commercial Duty Hydroxyl Generator disinfecting machine and air scrubber Cleans up to 20000 cu. ft. of air. Moves 3000 CFM.

Self Cleaning High Intensity Proprietary Photocatalyst Coated Helix 365nm Ultra-Violet Bulb.

Technology originally designed for use on the international space station.

Maximum HG-3200 Hydroxyl UVA (Protected to look at) PCO Odor Removal System “The Cleaning Power of Nature Brought Indoors” Product Detail: Maximum HG-3200 Commercial Duty Hydroxyl Generator.

We’ve packed maximum power into one easily portable unit. Use the HG-3200 Hydroxyl system At the same time as having to work in occupied areas because it emits NO ozone on it’s own. This Hydroxyl generator is a professional odor removal machine that is designed for the hardest jobs. Have an odor problem and need clean fresh air, this is your solution. This will make your air smell clean and odor free again!

The HG-3200 commercial air scrubber and deodorization system will remove even the strongest odors from any area in no time. At the same time as other cleaners just mask odors the Maximum HG-3200 destroys them. It cleans the air the same way nature can clean it. Hydroxyl ions are produced when our proprietary photocatalyst coated ultra-violet bulb shines on our unique photo-catalytic (PCO) reactor screen causing natures most powerful oxidizing (odor removing) agents to attach to airborne pollutants, and through the process of oxidization, break down their molecular structure and neutralize, or destroy, the odor producing pollutant.

The only by products of this reaction are microscopic amounts carbon dioxide and water vapor. The Maximum HG-3200 odor removal system has taken the power of nature and harnessed it to clean and purify the air anywhere it is needed. The HG-3200 Hydroxyl Generator Machine is a unique and extremely powerful system that can be utilized in any setting such as real estate, car detailing and rental, fire, flood and mold restoration, factories, hospital or homes, anywhere fresh air is needed. The HG-3200 has two speeds can be utilized to clean up to 20000 cu. ft. of air at a time! Examples of Odors it can help keep watch over can be: Smoke Damage, Pet Odors, Pesticides, Cleaning Fume Odors, Cigarette Smoke, Mold & Mildew, Virus’s, Paint Odors, Cooking Odors, Water Damage, Decaying material and more.

Examples of Professionals and Locations this Hydroxyl Generator & Air Scrubber is designed for:

Mold remediation, Flood damage restoration, Professional contractors, Commercial cleaners, Heavy damage projects, Real estate, Fire damage, Smoke damage, Home restoration, Insurance claims, Kitchen restoration, Sewage backups, Organic smoke & vapors, Automobiles, Professional Auto Detailers , Used car Dealerships, Boats Yachts, Marinas, RV’s & Campers, Hotels & motels, Multi-unit properties, Apartment complexes, Condo associations, Hotel industry cleaners, Tenant & guest odors, High turn-over cleaning, Apparel & uniforms, Athletic gear, Hockey equipment, Hunting apparel, Individual items, Books, Furniture, Real estate odors, Listing preparation, Tenant replacement, General home odors, Pet urine reduction, Personal property, Commercial home cleaners, Cigarette & Tobacco smoke, Tenant clean-up, Used cars, Hotel guest odors, General home, Smoke odor, Musty basements, Mold odors, Crawl spaces, Utility rooms, Garages, Storage spaces, Recreation rooms, Crime Scene clean-up, Hospitals, School, Collages, Universities, Trash compactors, Pet Odors, Pesticides, Cleaning Fume Odors, Cigarette Smoke, Mold & Mildew, Virus’s, Paint Odors, Cooking Odors, Water Damage, Decaying material, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Flood & Fire Restoration, HVAC contractors, Real Estate Agents, Health Clubs, Hotels and casinos, Boats, Food Services and products, Restaurants, Bars, Restrooms, Cooking Services and products, Motel/Hotel, Rental Properties, Janitorial, Warehouses, Remodeling, Office Buildings, Carpet Cleaning, Construction and more.

Features: Industrial Rugged High End Quality but still light enough that anyone can carry it.

The Maximum Hydroxyl Machine can be utilized up to 8000 hours before needing bulb replacement. Specially designed Protected to look at High Intensity 365nm Ultraviolet UVA Light System coated the use of our proprietary photocatalyst which produces Protected hydroxyl radicals (OH), super anion (O2-1) and super hydro-peroxides.

In addition, all of the inside of hydroxyl generator is coated with photocatalyst making an allowance for maximum ion generation. Self cleaning technology. Designed for Maximum Air Float. Our photocatalyst coating helps make the unit self cleaning.

Easily Portable can be easily moved and plugged into any 110 Volt outlet (110v/60hz) Power: Less than 4 amps Size: 14.5″ L x 13″ W x 16″ H Weight: 29 Lbs. Color May Vary: Yellow, Orange or Red


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