ShockOzone Remediation Ozone Generators

Ozone Products presented  here are Commercial Grade machines for Remediation Professionals and Companies! 

High concentrations of  Ozone in occupied spaces is hazardous to people and pets and causes respiratory issues.  Use Ozone Mode ONLY while premises are unoccupied.

Ozone is a natural occurring gas in our environment. In high concentrations Ozone gas is a natural, green and safe sanitizer and disinfectant. It is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) & National Institute of Health (NIH)!

Ozone gas is commonly used in swimming pools and waste water treatment in place of highly toxic chlorine.

When used for interior spaces, it disinfects and sanitizes both hard and soft (fabric/carpet/upholstery) surfaces. Once application is complete, you simply air out the place and the Ozone is gone. It has a half life of 10-15 minutes by which time it coverts back to Oxygen.

Ozone is the most effective way to remove Fire or Cigarette smoke odors.

ShockOzone Remediation high-concentration Ozone devices remove Cigarette Smoke, Pet & Biological Odors, Mold, Mildew, Spores, Viruses, Bacteria, Mites, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) & More! Since it leaves no residues it is completely green & safe for people and pets once professional application is complete.

Filling an interior space with high concentrations of Ozone which disinfects and destroys airborne and surface pathogens is referred to as a ShockOzone Treatment.

It is used commercially to disinfect and purify water, air, food and interior surfaces. Ozone gas dissolves in water and can be used to sanitize fruits and produce. Check out ShockOzone Disinfecting Home Devices for appliances to keep your home sanitized and disinfected.


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