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HULL—Ozone Solutions in Hull is looking forward to better serving customers through a recent business acquisition.

In late January, the company acquired Ozark Technologies, a Poulsbo, WA-based business that produces sanitation and safety equipment for the food processing industry.

“The exciting part about this is we’re able to take technologies and combine our expertise and experience with new technologies that are right on the brink of great success and take them to market,” said Kevin York, president and chief executive officer of Ozone Solutions.

“Ultimately, the goal behind that is to make the world a safer place for generations to come.”

Ozone Solutions’ presence in N’West Iowa dates back to the late 1980s and was incorporated in 1997. It began in Doon and moved to Sioux Center before relocating to Hull in 2008.

Like Ozark, Ozone Solutions produces ozone disinfection technology and specializes in ozone system design. Its products are used for a variety of purposes, such as air decontamination, water treatment, large-scale sanitation in manufacturing facilities and smaller commercial settings.

“We manufacture the equipment that’s on site, that generates ozone. It’s an unstable gas. You don’t hold it very well. I can’t make ozone and bottle it and ship it across like I can Clorox or chlorine or things like that. It has to be generated and used,” York said.

After the ozone is applied and kills contaminants, it reverts back to oxygen and becomes harmless.

Ozark Technologies originally was owned by the United Kingdom-based Wheatsheaf Group, which invests in companies focused on solving challenges in food security and resource efficiency.

“With that acquisition, we’ve acquired everything from patents and processes, existing systems already being used,” York said. “At one point, some type of chicken that you’re eating has probably utilized this equipment for antimicrobial intervention.”

Ozone Solutions will retain Ozark Technologies’ presence in Poulsbo, which is located near Seattle, as well as Ozark’s facility in Springdale, AK. The latter facility includes a laboratory for product testing.

Ozone Solutions in Hull makes acquisition

Patrick Smith, shop technician at Ozone Solutions’ Hull facility, points out different features of the company’s MobileZone ozone injection system. The portable device can produce ambient and dissolved forms of ozone for air and water respectively for disinfection purposes.

York spoke about how the coronavirus pandemic helped bring about more awareness of ozone technology as businesses looked for ways to ramp up cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.

“With the rise of COVID, we are now treating office space that is occupied by people and making it safer. So every night when somebody goes home, they can treat that office facility and make sure they’re back to zero, where COVID can last anywhere from one up to a couple of weeks,” York said.

He mentioned another instance in which a company sought ozone equipment to sanitize its workspace before bringing employees back.

“When they opened back up, before they brought anybody in, we took a trailer and connected it and sanitized the whole 200,000-square-foot facility in a weekend,” York said.

Ozone Solutions also has equipment that can integrate ozone into existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for customers that want a permanent ozone generator.

“We have systems that go in everything from a residential area to all the way up to huge industrial manufacturing,” York said.

Ozone Solutions has grown through the years to have a worldwide distribution reach, even before the pandemic started. York said about 40 percent of its business is international.

He also spoke about how proud he was of the way the company met the unique demands of the pandemic.

“Our team is really strong in that respect, that they’re eager to jump in and figure out solutions for issues that arise with the changing times in today’s world,” York said.

“I’m excited to see where that leads because we’re not that company that steps back and sits around. We’re an emerging technology company.”

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