Ozone disinfection devices arrive at La Ronge’s Kikinahk Friendship Centre

Sean Frisky (left) stands with Ron Woytowich and a Sanozone machine. (Derek Cornet/larongeNOW Staff)

By Derek Cornet

sanitation device

Dec 15, 2020 | 5:15 PM

La Ronge’s Kikinahk Friendship Centre has two new disinfection devices designed to eliminate the coronavirus.

That’s according to Executive Director Ron Woytowich, who purchased the ozone-generating machines through funding by the federal government. The larger of the two devices, which costs approximately $60,000, can completely sanitize a building the size of Kikinahk while the smaller unit, at $25,000, is meant for ambulances, buses and other small spaces.

“We definitely want to believe it is going to make a difference,” Woytowich said. “Quite frankly, everyone is scared of coronavirus, everyone is scared of getting it, but the benefits of this machine is not only can we use it for this virus, but it kills mold and everything else that is common.”

Woytowich explained the Sanozone systems will be used to clean spaces throughout the Kikinahk building, the Scattered Site Outreach Program space, as well as Drifters Motel where the homeless shelter currently operates. The smaller system will be used to sanitize Kikinahk buses.

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