Ozone and UV light guarantee safe and sanitized citrus fruits

“These are unusual times and cleansing and disinfection have never been as important as now. In this context, we want to provide extra guarantees on our citrus which is not only 100% Italian, but also extremely safe because it is treated with ozone and UV light at a controlled temperature. These combined options eradicate any pathogens. This service is mainly requested by our foreign customers, from whom we receive substantial orders,” said Gianni Martucci of the company of the same name from Puglia.

Gianni Martucci

“The pallets are transported to the cooling cell, where they are sanitized using ozone technology and low-frequency UV radiation. This particular natural gas acts as a powerful disinfectant and takes five minutes without leaving any residue, thus keeping the taste, consistency and smell of the product intact. As a guarantee of the process, we apply a self-certification on every pallet of clementines or oranges shipped to European countries, such as France, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia”.

“Usually, viruses with a membrane shell, such as the Covid-19, are more resistant to disinfectants, but several studies, such as the one conducted by Thailand Medical News, show that ozone can destroy the corona virus”.

“All in all, we can’t complain. Sales of clementines are going reasonably well and prices are still satisfactory, even though the calibers do not always meet our customers’ wishes, especially the Polish market. The oranges are doing great and the prices for the larger calibers can be as high as €0.80 per kilo,” concluded Martucci.

Martucci Srl
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74016 Massafra (TA)
Phone.: +39 338 2620262
E-mail: martucci.export@tiscali.it
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