Large ozone disinfectant protects Dutch propagator

Gipmans Planten in Venlo, founded in 1971, is a family business that is involved in the cultivation of vegetable plants and herbs. In order to shield the young plant material from viruses, bacteria, and fungi to the maximum, one consciously chooses to disinfect the water in the last stage before it reaches the plants. This requires a powerful disinfection system. The Aquazone, produced by Agrozone, easily disinfects 100 m3 of water per hour. An installation of this size does not belong to the standard and is therefore quite unique in horticulture.

The consequences of damage from possible contamination are enormous. It is therefore essential to carry out thorough disinfection on all the water that goes to plants. Ozone is a nature-friendly way to disinfect and purify water. It disinfects water by dissolving the natural gas ozone. After reaction with the pollution, ozone falls back to oxygen.

Doing well by doing good
The mission of Gipmans Planten is ‘Doing well by doing good’. Not more, but rather creating added value. Their goal is to produce plants (in addition to the 100% organically grown herbs) with sustainable, respectful respect for people, plants, and the environment. For this sustainability, Gipmans Planten investigates how it can grow the crops with minimal use of energy, water, fertilizers, and plant protection products strongly and resiliently. The nature-friendly ozone disinfection fits well in this.



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