How many hands touched the products you brought home from the store?

How many hands have touched the products you just got from the store?

How many have touched the food you bring home from store?

Is washing your produce enough?

Do you know how many hands have touched the products you brought home from the store? Coronavirus can live on surfaces for weeks according to the CDC. ShockOzone Gas Sterilizing and disinfecting systems keep your home safe from germs. 

Our ShockOzone sterilizing home devices are portable, safe and will keep the germs outside, while you enjoy life inside knowing that you’ve disinfected your environment from harmful germs and bacteria. 

Our Sterilization products use gaseous disinfection to infiltrate all surfaces – including carpets, curtains, upholstery, under counters & chairs. Places that most disinfectant spray can’t reach!

Bacteria and Viruses such as Covid-19 can survive on surfaces for weeks without proper sterilization. Our home devices use ozone gas, which gets bubbled into a water filled bottle, bucket, or sink killing all pathogens and and can now be used as a powerful surface disinfectant.

  • Purify your drinking water — mmm – tastes good.
  • Wash your vegetables to remove pesky pesticides!
  • Use it to wipe down counters, tables and other high touch surfaces.

Protect your home. Protect your family. Protect your health.

No Expensive Chemicals! No Residue! Organic & Green. 

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