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CHENNAI: Metro trains and stations are now being disinfected with aqueous-stabilised ozone instead of standard disinfectant to protect staff from getting exposed to harsh chemicals.
All stations and touch-points like staircase railings and seats on platforms are disinfected periodically everyday while trains undergo sanitisation after end of every trip at the terminating station.
In a release, CMRL said they have tied up with ETA Purification to use microplasma (partially-ionised gases) oxidation system which draws ambient air into a device which converts it into ozone and infuses it with water.
“The aqueous-based disinfecting agent is more effective than other chemicals against bacteria, mold and viruses. Unlike chlorine, it is non-toxic and produces no harmful residues. Its also environment friendly. Also, the sanitization process can be completed in a few minutes,” the release said.
CMRL officials said besides preventing staff from getting exposed to chemicals during periodic sanitization carried out every day, the use of this water-based agent also helps them reduce their operation and maintenance cost. “Since the agent can be produced on-site and is relatively clean and safe, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals that are used in other disinfectants are prevented,” the officials said.
Earlier, in a response to a query from a commuter in its social media account metro rail said they were using Rely+on Virkon, a disinfecting agent approved by US-Environmental Protection Agency that are effective against strains of Covid-19 and H1N1 virus, fungi and bacteria.
At present, CMRL operates 32 stations in the 45km phase-1 and has a fleet of 42 trains in addition to 10 new trains but operates around 30 to 35 trains during peak and non-peak hours.

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