Catering Insight – NotJustTaps launches range of ozone taps

NotJustTaps has launched the Triflow ozone tap range which produces ozone water, a natural gas claimed to provide anti-bacterial properties.

Said to be a chemical-free sanitiser and oxidiser agent, O3 is estimated to be 3,000 times more powerful than traditional oxidants such as chlorine. It has no toxicity issues and produces no by-products.

The ozone water from the contemporary-style taps should naturally cleanse, cleaning hands and surfaces without chemicals. The range includes styles for commercial use, with a motion sensor O3 system being activated with a wave of a hand.

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The Triflow taps are chrome finished, and constructed from solid brass which should provide a protective coating. The slimline design is suitable for a space-saving installation.

As all water and natural anti-bacterial properties are provided through the same tap, it is designed to eliminate the use of hot water and help to save on energy costs. This range is suited to commercial premises with hygiene at the forefront, including cooking environments.

Derek Aaronson, founder of NotJustTaps, said: “The idea that you can take cleanliness to a whole new level without the use of chemicals is very exciting. We believe using ozone taps could become an integral part of future hygiene regimes for both its healthcare and financial benefits.”

The three in one system incorporating hot, cold and O3 water is claimed to preserve food for up to two-three times longer and remove over 99.99% of microbes and viruses.

The ozonised water is also said to remove strong odours such as fish, garlic or smoke and provide an additional level of disinfection, as well as reducing the need for chemicals which cause dry skin/dermatitis.

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