Canadian Crystalline manufactures UV, ozone disinfection systems

A pioneer in global water technology solution, Canadian Crystalline through its life sciences division has ventured into manufacturing ultra violet and ozone disinfection system for air and surface to meet the challenges of the ongoing global pandemic.

This is India’s first manufacturing facility to produce disinfection systems for air, surface, enclosed spaces and fabrics with the brand name Silverstream.  According to Sushil Eashwaran, joint managing director of the group, “We have a history of manufacturing and supplying UV and ozone based disinfection systems to all hospitals and hotels since last four decades, but with the emerging need for best sanitary standard, we have retooled our production line into designing and manufacturing disinfection solutions for gyms, malls, offices, houses/apartments, and a whole range of public and private spaces. The product comes in various sizes and are designed for various applications including the very necessary disinfection of all products like grocery, food deliveries and personal belongings like mobile phone, watch, pen etc.”

The plant which is spread over 3, 00,000 sq m has the capacity to produce 1000 pieces in a week is buzzing with activities these days. He is quick to add, “The factory is working 24/7 in order to meet the demand created by the coronavirus pandemic. We are bringing specially designed UV sterilization and disinfection equipment to hospitals in order to ensure the safety of patients doctors nurses and attenders as well as visitors all over India. With social distancing being the need of the hour, our disinfection equipment will allow patients and medical staff alike to feel safe from infection during their visit to the hospital.”

With utmost priority for the hotels and hospitals to re-invent hygiene protocols, the company has taken concrete steps in designing disinfected solution for fabric and linen. Sushil Eashwaran elaborates, “Hospitals use large number of medical gear, clothing and bedcovers, pillow covers and linen that need constant washing, the Silverstream Steri Pure Fabric sterilisation and disinfection system can be used to disinfect all fabrics and medical gear before they have been washed and dried and pressed.  The Steri Pure can also be used for post sterlisation and storage of the fabric and medical gear after pressing. This system uses a high concentrated ozone gas to disinfect the fabric. The tumble system provided in it ensures 360 degree rotation and gas penetration through the fabric.  This system ensures a near 100% of pathogens are killed including the coronavirus.

Keeping the future in mind our disinfection equipment will allow clients to feel safe from infection during their visit to the gym. He says, “We have associated with Afton a market leader in gym equipment to bring specially designed UV, gaseous and liquified ozone sterilisation and disinfection equipment to gyms in order to ensure the safety of fitness enthusiasts all over India. The equipment has been specifically designed to deal with the large number of clients that visit the gym on a daily basis in order to exude maximum precaution due to the global pandemic. Countless people come in contact with each other’s bodily fluids whilst in a gym which makes it a necessity to ensure that the best sanitary standards are implemented. Besides hospitals and gyms the same can be used in places such as airports, hotels, apartments, houses, offices, clubs, mall, factories etc.”

The products are priced at as low as Rs 15, 000. The group’s pan India presence include, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, with their head office in Chennai.

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